About Us

Great Experience in Various Fields

Ferranti Projects was established in year 2015 and is operated by a team of highly experienced professional Engineers and managers. The Professional Team has over 20 years’ experience in various fields including Project Management, Business Management Consulting, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Projects as well as Construction Projects. The varied experience of the Ferranti team provides assurance for successful project completion, within specified budget, time and quality

Collectively the Ferranti Projects  team has over 20 years hands on experience in various
projects. For our clients, such varied experience adds to the assurance that all the essential aspects for
the successful completion of the project (regardless of size) will receive due attention.

Our Core Values


Continuous Improvement finding better ways of doing things.


Upholding high ethical standards in all we say and/or do.


Adherence to professional conduct and ethical codes.

Service Excellence

Provide value adding quality services that ensures customer satisfaction

People Empowerment

Access to growth opportunities for all employees.

Ferranti Projects is actively involved in core skills transfer to young university graduates and engineering students to prepare them for their future employment. The in-service training/vacation work opportunities we offer expands and enhances students’ professional skills

Our coaching and mentoring program has supported the development of a number of young people to the extent that some could even be registered with engineering professional organizations, such as ECSA.
Further, as the opportunity is presented, Ferranti Projects  partners with the communities in which they operate to support their social and economic upliftment.

Ferranti Projects supports Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and is currently rated as a level 1 B-BBEE contributor (135% recognition). We achieve equity within our company through promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment for all our employees, formulating and implementing policies that support the achievement of social and economic equity, and eliminate unfair discrimination.

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