Upgrade Your Building Maintenance Game With Infrared Thermal Imaging

Detect Harzards Early To Prevent Downtime And Ensure Complaince

What is thermal Imaging?

Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat in distribution boards and equipment so that faults can be repaired before equipment fail, thus preventing building fires and safety hazards.

Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.

Insurance companies increasingly ask for an electrical infrared inspection report from property owners. This gives an assurance that fire risks are minimised.

Benefits of IR Thermal Inspection

Because infrared thermography testing is non-contact and non-destructive testing (NDT), there is no need to interrupt switch of the electricity supply when the inspection is conducted.

Quickly pinpoints electrical faults in distribution boards and equipment

Reduces downtime and electrical equipment damage

Prevents Building Fires

Improves workplace and facility safety

Lowers insurance premiums due to reduced risk.

Examples Of Faults Discoverd by the thermal infrared



Once the inspection is completed, a report is compiled and includes:


When the report is issued; faults need to be repaired urgently in order to mitigate fire and safety risks.


The final report is then shared with insurance companies and confirms that the building has been inspected.

Electrical Infrastructure Compliance Assessment & Auditing

By law all electrical installations in South Africa must comply with minimum electrical installation standards.

Also due to the increasing building fires, Insurance Companies insist on annual building electrical installation compliance verification.

We ensure that the facility is safe by testing its electrical installation for compliance (COC) with all applicable electrical standards and codes.

Where there is a non compliance identified, our team is equipped to repair the fault and ensure that the building is compliant.

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